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Reconnecting Youth, called R.Y. for short. This program explores, in a timely way, the decisions high-risk youth face and the consequences of actions taken based on their decisions.


The students in RY are encouraged and stimulated to benefit from the program in specific ways at school, at work, with friends, and at home, by developing a greater sense of personal control, adaptive coping behaviors, supportive communication skills, and improved interpersonal relationship skills.










* To increase school performance

* To decrease drug involvement

* To decrease suicide risk

* To increase mood management




* Support

* Skills training

* Monitoring

* School and parent reinforcement




The fundamental program component of R.Y. is group work in order to enhance:


* Group Belonging

* Support and help from peer-group


* Support and help from the group leader


Another essential program component is life-skills training in order to enhance:


* Self-esteem enhancement skills

* Decision making skills

* Personal control skills

* Interpersonal communication skills










"We learned how to improve our self-esteem"


"We learned how to make better decisions"


"We learned how to set goals"


"We improved our GPA"


"We learned how to control our anger"


"We learned hot to communicate better with our peers and family members"


"We learned how to become active listeners"


"We improved our attendance"


"We got to know our classmates better because the classes were smaller"





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